Friday, August 12, 2011

An Emergency, please respond!!!

Subject: An Emergency, please respond!!!
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 19:48:41 +0200
From: Mrs. Olga Patarkatsishvili <>
Reply-To: Mrs. Olga Patarkatsishvili <>

An Emergency, please respond!!!


How are you today? I hope by the special grace of God you are doing wonderfully well! I will like to apologize for contacting you in this manner over a transaction of this magnitude since we all know that the internet is not a safe means of communication but it was due to a matter of necessity, i had to do a thorough search on the internet and finally came across your email. I will rather start by introducing myself formally, I am Mrs. Olga Patarkatsishvili, the wife of late multi-billionaire Badri Patarkatsishvili, he was found dead at about 10.45 pm, Tuesday February 12, 2008 at our Surrey mansion in United Kingdom, at the age of 52, a month after running unsuccessfully for the Georgian presidency. My husband was one of the "oligarchs" who made a fortune from the privatization of state-owned industries during the Yeltsin era and eventually found a haven in Britain, where he was recently linked to a possible bid for West Ham football club. My marriage to Badri came as a surprise and was done in a very confidential manner because he had some information that his wife was planning to murder him over his wealth and this eventually what happened, though there has not been any evidence to proof this. You can read more for your better understanding in the below websites:

I hope after reading through the above websites, you will see that me and my little son is in a very tough and difficult situation, as we are currently battling with my husband's wife, business partners, Georgian authorities, cousin and his solicitors over his wealth because he didn't leave any will behind, this has made life so frustrating for me and my little son. Everything he left for us secretly which includes, banks accounts (both foreign accounts) and properties were confiscated except for a profiling cash amount of US50.800.000.00 Fifty million eight hundred thousand United States dollars that he deposited as diplomatic baggage with a European firm shortly before he died, I have all documents relating to these deposit and every other information to proof my legitimacy, this I will definitely sent to you only once you prove to me that you are genuine, honest, transparent and dedicated to help us. We want you to stand as a beneficiary to retrieve the above quoted sum as my representative. I know that you will be amuse by this offer and why should I trust a complete stranger instead of doing this myself, however considering the present circumstance I find myself, I am been monitored and any mistake made could lead to immediate detection by the authorities here in Georgia and that will mean total disaster for me and my son, hence the reason I decide to contact you knowing fully well that it's risky but I am willing to take it because I have no other alternative. For your willingness and acceptance to help us, you shall receive thirty percent of the whole sums once the transaction is completed. I know with this kind of magnitude of funds I am offering for your help, you won't be greedy to give us our share once you have made claims. If you know you can do this, then Kindly send to me your full details as stated below to enable me forward same to the depository company in the Spain where the packages will be re-profiled to your name as the new beneficiary.

1. Your Legitimate Name
2. Contact Address
3. Marital Status
4. Area of Specialization
5. Company Full Details
6. Position
7. Nationality
8. Age
9. Tel/Fax Numbers
10. Scan copy of your valid identity i.e. international passport or driver's license.

Thanks for your understanding.
Remain blessed,
Mrs. Olga Patarkatsishvili.

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