Sunday, August 28, 2011

Assalamualaikum / Kind Atttention

Subject: Assalamualaikum / Kind Atttention
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2011 12:49:53 +0100
From: Hilmah<>
Reply-To: <>

Assalamualaikum / Kind Atttention Please I Need Your Help
I'm sorry if this message may be against your moral believe & Ethics. Before
I proceed I would like to introduce my humble self to you. My names are Hilmah Binti Belgaseum,
I'm from Libya.

I want you to understand that, you have to keep this transaction confidential
to your self alone, and do not tell any one, this should be between you and me, due to
the fact that, this has to do with a huge amount of money, and much more security
In regards to the issue of my Parents, my Mum is from Libya, while my Dad is from

I was called upon in the UK, by my late father, to come back to Libya, for a family
meeting on how and were to place a new resident location out side Libya, when the
crises in Libya started newly, on this process, my late father was killed, by Gaddafi,
due to the fact that he resigned from Gaddafi's Government, as the Director of
Petroleum, in the South East of Brega.

The arrest of Gaddafi's sons and advancement of the rebels into Tripoli granted Us the opportunity to sneak away without Notice to the coast close to the desert from where I am sending this
message to you, and am opportune to have gotten a little access to internet here. In
the cost east, due to the NATO net work service, and this is why i have the access to
communicate with you in regards to this venture.

Please bear it in mind that, this is a big benefit of success in your life, if you
are honest, truthful, and have the fear of God, and also work towards the procedure,
because this is what my late father labored for good 30 years, before he died, now my
mum has gone deaf, due to the Plaster Bomb strike and she is also, not in 35% good
condition as at this moment.

The money my late father left behind , is still in care of A Barrister, so now, I
will present you as my late father's representative, to receive the fund from the
Barrister, this reason was due to the fact that, the Barrister has been sending us
information to look for a foreign partner to receive this fund on our behalf, because,
there is no way my self, my mother, neither our surname, will be presented to receive
this fund by our self's no way, it will be a big problem for us, because the
Government of Libya, which is own by Gaddafi, they are still looking for us to kill,so
this is just the reason why i have contacted you, to work towards the procedure with
the Barrister to receive the fund from him.

In regards to this Money, i will never stand in a manner of greed, we are going to
share it at the ratio of 50/50, please we need this money urgently, my mum is un
conscious, and i really want you to contact the Barrister very urgently, because this
fund has to be out within the next 5 to 7 working days, due to the fact that we are
running low and shortage of our needs, my brother has a bullet wound, and my mum is
drastically injured and sick as well now, so i really want this to be urgently done.

For your information, The Barrister is now in Malaysia, and as soon as you reply back
to my email, i will urgently forward the information of the Barrister to you, to
enable you contact him for the urgent release of the fund.

I will be glad to hear from you, as we shall also discuss how to disburse my own share
as soon as the fund is out to you Tq,

Always Take Care
Hilmah Binti Belgaseum.

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