Thursday, October 11, 2012

if Only We can add Good fait to what we are going to do.

Subject: if Only We can add Good fait to what we are going to do.
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 06:31:20 -0700 (PDT)
From: Aminat Ahmed <>
Reply-To: Aminat Ahmed <>
To: Aminat Ahmed <>

         Hello dear one,
                     If Only we can work with one mid its could have been good.
                     Please you settle down and read my mail please,
                                                                                                See as a matter of fact I am miss Aminat Morris, I am from Angola in Africa but I have here situation that I am facing here which I thing we may handle together if you do not mind listing carefully and read it to we understood we where living in Libya with my father and my mummy  Together with  my beloved Brother in the country of Libya; a problem when the problem  game led in killing  My half too,
                                                                                                But there was a little war over their and that made me to lost my parents after just for the case of the Libya Late president  Col.Muammar Gaddafi  whom was killed by the army of Libya Government with some other together with my Late father                 And my Mum and that of my brother jonir  whom  was on the way to move away out of Libya before he was captured and resulted to be slotted by the Government Army of Libya         But already he has told me about some amount of money he removed from the Government and put down on my name the Sum of 40 million five hundred thousand u.s.a Dollar,
                                                                                                So I will like to see as I am contacting you now if you may be of help to where I can invested the money in any of the good country without people knowing that this money belonging to me or the business in question belonging to me as well AND I WILL LIKE US TO COME TO SOME WHERE LIKE DUBAI FOR EXAMPLE FOR MEETING OKAY AND BECAUSE IS A FULL BUSINESS PLACE OKAY
                              And you shall be welcomed for the real deal I will come over to meet you fist so that we can talk and know what to be done okay
                                                                                                I thank you to whom it maybe God bless you.
    My Name is Aminat Morris, please do
    Warmest Regards,