Monday, December 19, 2011


Subject: 'Hello'
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 06:55:04 +0430
From: Belinda Schrumm<>
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2011/04/19  Hello,  I am Capt. Belinda Schrumm MS RD LD, USA MIL - MEDCOM -AMEDCS; I was the Chief Nutrition Education & Training Branch Program Director, before I was deployed to Camp Arifjan Kuwait, from there to Camp Al-Tadamun Adhamiyah-Baghdad presently in Camp Gibraltar Afghanistan.  For security reasons, certain informations will not be disclose for now until you have  accessed the BBC website stated below to enable you have an insight on what I intend sharing with you, which I am confident you can handle it to the best of your ability.  Kindly respond back to me havent visited the above website, to enable us discuss this to the best of your understanding.    Thanks,  Cpt.  Belinda Schrumm. 

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