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Subject: Hello
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2011 04:31:58 -0700 (PDT)
From: David Alder <>
To: undisclosed recipients: ;


Kindly go through the attached letter and treat with urgency.

Thank you
David Alder



My name is David Alder; I am a legal practitioner, an esquire and a human right activist here in the United Kingdom. I work in conjunction with one of the biggest law firm, I'm well known but my recent ill health has permitted me on 4 months leave, so I decided to take a proper care of my health condition at one of the specialist hospital in Saudi Arabia. I wish to introduce to you a profitable business proposal which we would benefit immensely from in the nearest future.

A certain client of ours named (Chief Engineer Frank) made a fixed deposit of $30,750,000.00 (Thirty Million Seven hundred and fifty thousand United States dollars) to one of the top financial institute with an agreement of 4years since 2003, in which my chamber is in possession of some legal papers, most especially the copy of agreement. To be concise with you, he has not visited the bank to retrieve his funds in the last 60 months, before his untimely death on which was on the 3rd of January 2004, when he traveled on a business trip to Egypt, full details on ( and no any legal paper was written to contact any of his family members should in case of emergency, neither for future references.

Furthermore, after much investigation, I later found out that he died without making a "WILL" or trace for any member of his family to claim the funds left behind in the custody of the financial institute; thus his death came abruptly. The main reason of my proposition to you is that, I will like you to stand as the benefactor to the depositor; hence you share the same last name, you might not necessary share the same surname with him but, hence you are ready to co-operate fully, and to also join hands together as partner to enable us bring the funds into your country for business venture, and also donate part of it to charity organization just to fulfill part of my late client's intention before he died. Please note that, both of us physical, spiritual and financial support will be required as I need a serious and business minded person like you to make this deal a success and if you know you are not capable, please do not write back.

More so, I will like to meet with you in your country at the end of this endeavour and also discuss and negotiate on how to come invest and settle in your country with my family and also meet your family as well for a futuristic purpose and business scheme. feel free to reply me immediately by forwarding to me the beneath required particulars of yours to enable me prepare and procure the needful which will automatically proof you the true beneficiary to inherit the estates with finance house legally.

1. Beneficiary names:

2. Full Home address:

3. Telephone, mobile and fax numbers:

4. Age:

5. Marital status:

6. Present Occupation:

7. Nationality: , and Please state if different from place of birth:

Upon your response, I shall then provide you with more details, thank you in advance; I look forward to receiving your profitable response.

Faithfully yours,

David Alder, Esquire

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