Sunday, May 13, 2012

Your Fund Release.

Subject: Your Fund Release.
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 13:37:10 +0200
From: Mrs. Telma Peterson <>

From Desk of Mrs. Telma Peterson
Credit Suisse Bank,
United Kingdom

Subject: Your Fund Release.

I am Mrs. Telma Peterson, from Credit Suisse Bank London . This is to bring to your
notice that my office has taking over all the money Transaction originated from any
part of the world and European countries as Contract payment, Fund Inheritance or
Lottery Winning, contract payment due to Unauthorized/incapability of financial
Institutions/security companies In releasing such huge sum of money due to Fraud,
terrorist and money Laundry activities going on world wide. The World Bank Group has
Mandated the Credit Suisse Bank London via my Office to release funds to beneficiaries
through Telephone banking transfer, Hence Your Name appears as one of the fund
beneficiaries whom their fund was successfully cleared recently From Terrorist and
Money laundry and your money will be released to you Through Telephone banking transfer
to your  Bank account that will be cashable from any International Bank in your country
been the only way you would receive Your
money to avoid paying excess charges.

As regards to this arrangement you are advised to contact the telex director Rev Josiah
Newell through his direct telephone number Tel+447045752101
Email:  requesting him to commence with telephone
banking transfer to you with the complete name you would provide to him. You are
therefore advised to forward your direct telephone numbers Your complete name and your
mailing address to Rev Josiah Newell for Immediate release of your money most
importantly be aware that Ten Million UNITED STATES Dollars Only (USD$10,000,000.00)
was allocated to you Be also informed That the Funds Approvals and authorization
document Including Antiterrorist Clearance Certificate was issued in your name and has
been handed over to Rev Josiah Newell to release to you through any faster courier

Therefore be aware that your fund has obtained all it's clearance to be released to
you. Finally Rev Josiah Newell is standby to receive your communication and Release
your funds to you through International Cashier's Bank Draft without ANY delay. Make
your contact directly to Rev Josiah Newell, Tel +447045752101  Email;   any time because we are working 24 Hours to be able to
meet up with the mandate given to us by the World Bank. It is more better that you make
your contact to Rev Josiah Newell through telephone for more detailed information as he
is a very busy Man.

Thanks for Your Cooperation.

Mrs. Telma Peterson
Credit Suisse Bank, United Kingdom

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