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Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 15:06:05 -0400
From: Hando Aruso <>

MOBILE: +27 836 868 581

Dear Sir,

Good day!

My name is MR. HANDO ARUSO, the Chief Auditor of BIDVest Bank (BVB) of
South Africa, one of our client the Late Mr. Andreas B. Smith, a Citizen
of Germany; he was a Miner at Kruger Gold Company of South Africa, and he
involved in a Car Accident on the 10th March 1999, and died the same day.
Since his death, nobody have make contact to our bank to claim his
US$5,000,000.00 (Five Million United States Dollars) because he did not
opened his account with any next of kin with our Bank, and because of that
nobody have make any contact to come and claim his US$5,000,000.00
Dollars, which he deposited with our bank before his died and I have made
several enquires with their country Embassy here in South Africa to locate
any of his relatives but all in vain.

And after I go through to our old file in my office, I find out that if I
did not transfer this US$5,000,000.00, out from our bank to any foreign
Bank account, no body will come for the claim as the Next-of-Kin to Late
Mr. Andreas B. Smith; and that is why I decided to contact you to take
this opportunity with you.

At the conclusion of this transaction you will be taking 25%, which
is(US$1,250,000.00) for your assistance and 5% (US$250,000.00) will be
for any expenses we might occur during the process of this transaction,
while 70% which is (US$3,500,000.00) will be for my investment purpose
over there with you in your country.

As soon as you receive this mail message please send me your Private
mobile Number & Fax Number for Easy Communication including your Bank
Account Details where the money will be transfer into (Your Bank Name,
Bank Address, Account Number, Account Holder?s Name and your Home Address)
to enable me use it and apply for Approval Documents on your name as the
Next-of-Kin of this US$5,000,000.00 (Five Million United States Dollars)
for immediate transfer of the money into your bank account in your

Note that I will use my position in the bank and make sure that this total
amount is smoothly transferred into your bank account as soon as possible,
so fill free to follow my instructions.

Finally, please contact me on the above detail immediately you receive
this letter for more information, and note that I will fly down to your
country for our sharing of the total fund and for my investment purpose
over there as soon as you conformed the total amount in your bank
account. I?m waiting for your urgent respond.

Thanks and blessed
Yours faithfully,
Dr. Hando Aruso.
+27 836 868 581
(Chief Auditor of BIDVest Bank (BVB) of South Africa)

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