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Dear Friend,

I am Joseph martin from Denver(COLORADO), an army contractor attached to the US Military force in Iraq. The reason why I am explaining my findings to you is to seek for your assistance to enable you contribute immensely to the actualization of my dream.I am attached to the US army for the sole purpose of reconstruction work in some parts of Iraq.As you very well know, Iraq is gradually undergoing a rebuilding process in some parts and there is much need for reconstruction which is were I come in. I evaluate the level of destruction and offer professional advice inline with the way they intend rebuilding.Work has been risky no doubt and challenging as some times we are faced head on with armed insurgents where we lose some soldiers during confrontation. I have had my own share of losses as I lost a friend whom I have known for 12years.

On the 14th day of December 2010,at about 1100hrs during a normal inspection routine along Haifa Street where there is long thorough fare of high-rise buildings which were built and occupied by the late Saddam Hussein while he was still alive,I along with3 soldiers proceeded to a marked site and as I commenced evaluation work while i was closely guarded by soldiers, I discovered an unusual bulge in a cellar which i presumed to be a storage room.I decided to have a go at it only for me to kick the metal covering and find a metal boxes(6 in number)piled on top one another which were locked with a padlock each.

Upon forcing the boxes open, we discovered several guns, amour and some boxes amongst which two contained bullets, one filled with hard drugs(heroine)and the other two to my amazement contained some US Dollars which amounted to $23.5M after I and two of the soldiers counted them for about3 hours. I believe the boxes if not owned are linked to the Al Qaeda and Ayman al-Zawahiri.

I however instructed them to keep this in high secrecy so that we can have the money to our selves, they all agreed to the plan and we were going to get the money out of the country but first we had to hide the money in some safe and untraceable location. This made me to consult with a friend in our force who went with me and the two other officers to secretly keep the boxes in a safer place after which we handed over the drugs and the weaponry to our superiors.

I am now in desperate need of a Reliable and Trustworthy person like you who would receive, secure and protect these boxes containing the US Dollars for me up on till my assignment elapses here.We cannot afford to leave the boxes here in Iraq for any reason since Iraq is getting unsafe and dangerous everyday.

We have no idea what could happen next as every thing remains inconclusive at this point.I am fully aware of what your thoughts would be next which is why I intend to include my picture as well as my I.D.s for you to know whom you are dealing with.I assure and promise to give you 10% of this fund,however feel free to negotiate what you wish to have as your percentage in this deal.Please assure me of your keeping this top most secret within you so that my job would not be jeopardized.
please respond back to me via my personal email address (
My Sincere Regards,

Joseph Martin

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