Sunday, April 24, 2011


Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2011 01:29:53 +0800
From: Vivian Dawson Osterling<>
Reply-To: <>

Dear sir & Madam,please i need you to go through this message carefully, it encourage me to divulge my proposal to you. But rest guaranteed as it approach with most excellent of intentions.. Hence I determined to intimate you personally and inconspicuously through this business proposal of mutual benefit after due deliberation of your profile, I became aware and assured of your credibility of handling this trust and my future as it will be beneficial to both of us involved...
My dear, I contacted base on situation with the intention of you look so class and deferential and I anticipate you won't let me down at any rate, meaningful that this is the first time I am doing this kind of business as well doing it with a gentle one.
In point of fact I would like us to join ourselves mutually, I wish for us to unity in this contract .Furthermore we be supposed to be transparent and sincere to both of us for the reason that I consider that the nature that made us to have this completed has characteristic meant for both of us.
Nevertheless, I am Ms Vivian Dawson Osterling I occupation with (HSBC) bank London branch packaging and courier department. I wish for you to assist me receive this package that is in one of a courier company in oversea, of which I have secured a diplomat who promised to assist me deliver it to whomever I appoint as a partner to his position.. The package involve sum of $10,500,000,00USD all in $100.00 bills.
These are the needed requirements I require from you: Name in full Address, Occupation and your position/Phone office and mobile, Age/Status, State/Country. And I hope at the end of the day you will have 30% while 70% will be for me which shall be invested together with you in a combined investment; additional modalities will be discussed as almost immediately as you get back to me.
I will be highly appreciated upon receipt of your positive response, so that we can discuss on how to get the consignment of money. Deliver to your address and your sincerity towards this subject.
I wait for your urgent response. .

Best Regards
Ms Vivian Dawson Osterling

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