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Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2013 23:27:34 +0100
From: Grace Willson <>
To: Recipients <>

Warm Greetings to you and your family;
My name is Grace Willson.I am an assistant P.R.O in a Multi-National Veterinary/Pharmaceutical Company based in Ghana.Our company is into production of Animal Vaccines & drugs for treatment of horse and other wild animals in Africa and sub-sahara Africa forest/Zoo.I want to introduce you to this life-time Business Opportunity that will benefit you and me.My search for a trustworthy Indian national led me to contact you through this internet medium.
There is an Anti Viral Vaccine Oil used to manufacture Animal anti viral Vaccines and drugs which my company is desperate to buy urgently and my Boss want to come to India and buy this Oil product for animal drugs and we can get this Oil only in India.I would like you to stand as a middleman to procure this Vaccine Oil product in India and supply to my Boss when he come to India.My Boss pays for this product on Cash on Delivery(C.O.D)basis upon verification of the sample.After the sample is verified and terms agreed in present,my company will sign a long term contract with you to make you our permanent supplier.
I am looking for a capable reliable India Person/Businessman that understands the Indian local language who will partnership me to contacting the local dealer of this product in India.I have called the local dealer many times,but could not understand the local language or rather my accents to enable me negotiate the terms of the supply with them and get my extra profit on it.The India local dealer sale the Oil liquid at $35,000 USD per each liter,you will buy from them and sell to my Boss at $65,000 USD per each liter.Any profit made in this business will be shared equally among us.This business will be a long term business supply.
If you are interested and capable to handle this business in a professional way,get back to me so that i will forward you all details and guidelines to secure this business contract supply.This is 100% Buying and Selling,contact me for more details Via my private email:
Grace Willson

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