Thursday, July 5, 2012

LibertyReserve Investment Plan This Month!

Subject: LibertyReserve Investment Plan This Month!
Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2012 03:39:13 +0100
From: <>

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Dear Libertyreserve Customer,

Since 2002 Liberty Reserve has made considerable progress and improvement.
Serving you with most sophisticated electronic payment solutions possible
We're glad to announce that our service has become the leading e-currency in market
Liberty Reserve services are being improved continuously.

Recently we have established a very important relation with leading investment fund traders
Our co-operation opens a possibility to make terminal-dividend investments in short term dates
This is our first publicly launched investment program. In order to participate read the terms below

Minimal deposit is ($10) while the maximum is ($1000) per investment.

Terminal payout rate is 183% leaving you an opportunity to earn $183 USD after $100 USD deposit.
Rate is fixed and your investment funds are fully risk-free, warranted by Liberty Reserve
Make 183% out of your capital for 2 day and become a partner of our trustworthy associates

In order to participate make a deposit to General depository account U1234623 (Investment),

The 183% payout will be withdrawn back to your Liberty Reserve USD purse.

All transactions are settled without any delay.
Pay-outs from Liberty Reserve S.A funds are fully automated,
paid-out without any additional fees

Deposits are accepted from 20th of June, till 20th of July, 2012 (GMT+1:00)
Please put Your e-mail and surname in the "Memo" field
Neither deposit nor withdrawal fees are applied

Join our '+500' CLUB
Each investor who starts his initial investing position from $500
Receives a debit card from Liberty Reserve for instant withdrawals from ATM
Debit cards based on Cirrus/Maestro standard are accepted worldwide

This is a limited one-time opportunity, don't miss Your pot of gold!
Do not reply to this letter

Thank You!


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