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Profitable Business,

I am Dr Robert Kennedy; I am the secretary of Purchasing
Department of my company. I am looking for a trustworthy individual or
company who has the potentials to handle the supply of an Herbal Roots
product (ARAGANTA HERB SEEDS) our company use to send delegate down to
India and purchase this product from people called there selves supplier
at the rate of $250 U.S Dollars per sachets. Unknowingly to my company,
I confidentially got the contact of the real local Farmers in India and
I came to know that this product can be purchased direct from the real
local farmer at the rate of 3,500 India rupees per sachet and re-sell to
our company delegate at the rate of $250 U.S Dollars per sachet. I have
the name and contact number of Indian local farmers of which I don't
want to release to my Director since I have interest in the trade.

My requests are, if you can invest in buying from these Local Farmers in
India at the rate of 3,500 India rupees per sachet and re-sell to our
company delegate that is coming to the India at the rate of $250 U.S
Dollars per sachet, I will present you to my director as the local
farmer of the product in India. My interest is 20% of the total profits
after you deduct all your cost and expenses during supply. I can not
travel to India to buy this product because I don't have the money to
finance this business and our company purchases from 200 sachets upward
in a single transaction. If you can invest (MONEY) to buy this product
from real local farmer in India, I will forward the contact details of
the local farmers to you upon the receipt of your positive response.

I want you to include your full data, so that I can give it to my
director as real local farmer of the product in India. After receive
your full data I will send you the local farmer contact in India. Send
your reply to my private email id (

Your Data.
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Middle Name:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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Mobile Number:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dr. Robert Kennedy
(Secretary Purchasing Department)
Private email:

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